The career opportunities at TFT GmbH are wide-ranging and varied. ln the three segments of fibre drum, shipping tubes and ege proection production, we offer an attractive working environment for a variety of career fields. lnteresting jobs mean that the work is never boring and offer you the chance to move forward with us.

Full time employment:

As a production company, we operate in 2-shift or 3-shift operation and are always looking for motivated, dedicated professionals.

Please contact our Human Resources Department, preferably by e-mail, to find out about our current jobs. Or simply send us an unsolicited application!


As a company with many years of experience in training, we are offering trainee positions for young professionals with an understanding of technical matters and an interest in machinery and production processes in the following trades:

  • Packaging technologist (m/f) is a recognized apprenticeship with 3 years of training in a dual system. They produce and develop packaging materials such as cardboard and packaging made from different materials. The Packaging technologist learns how to operate the machine equipment, carries out repairs and maintenance and is setting the process control systems as well. Physical stresses due to noise and standing a lot should be considered in this job. Additionally one should be flexible in working hours as a packaging technologist does often work in shifts. Skills needed spatial imagination, a good technical and mathematical understanding and good in woorking in a team. Required school education: good basic school or secondary school certificate.
  • Mechatronics technician (m/f)

Piease contact our Human Resources Department to find out about current application deadlines.

lnternships/thesis projects:

Students can get a taste of the world of work and take the opportunity to get to know our company by working with us on internships and summer jobs. lnternships with us give students the opportunity to put theoretical knowledge into practice and to gain initial work experience. This can also be done as part of a thesis.

Contact our Human Resources Department:

Nancy Hiller
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