Edge protectors and flat profiles

Protection during transport and storage

For the transport and storage of sensitive goods we manufacture edge protectors and flatprofiles. They are a simple means of protecting corners, edges or straight surfaces. They can be quickly and easily fastened with straps, double-sided sticky tape or hot-melt adhesive applied to the goods to be transported.

By using coloured or printed outer webs the protectors and profiles can also be used effectively as an advertising surface. For special applications they can also be covered with plastic, aluminium or foam plastic.

Design variants

As well as natural colours (natural unbleached brown, white and black) the outer paper webs of the edge protectors and profiles can be variously coloured or repeat-printed in up to eight colours. Moreover, lamination with plastic, aluminium or foam plastic is also available.

  • 02kantenschutz_AluminiumkaschiertAluminium-laminated
  • 03kantenschutz_FlexodruckFlexographic print (offline)
  • 04kantenschutz_Inline_bedrucktInline-printed
  • 05kantenschutz_SchaumstoffkaschiertPlastic-foam-laminated
  • 06kantenschutz_gefaerbtColoured