Shipping tubes and Tubes

good all round

Hard paper tubes to be used for the most diverse purposes have been produced at Rositz for 25 years now.

It all began with spiral-wound core tubes for the wire and fine-sheet metal industry. In the course of the following years we developed this line of business further. Shipping tubes, rings, shelf tubes, display tubes and construction tubes completed the product portfolio. Production facilities were also expanded to include parallel-wound heavy-duty tubes. Since 2003, as well as conventional tubes with cylindrical cross-section, we have also been marketing square and rectangular tubes.

TFT tubes lend themselves to an enormous range of uses. They have the advantages that they retain their shape and weigh very little. Being manufactured mainly from paper, they can be recycled and are therefore kind to the environment.

Design variants

Shipping tubes and Tubes can be made in many shapes. That way they can present packaged products as well as possible and stand out from the competition. As well as the classic brown, white or black designs we offer variants with coloured, embossed or printed outer web, matt or glossy. Cylindrical tubes can also be strikingly labelled.
The outer and inner webs can be processed for technical applications or advertising purposes:
  • standard: natural unbleached brown, white, black
  • coloured and embossed papers according to colour pattern or as required
  • glossy or matt
  • repeat-printed in up to eight colours (flexographic print)
  • labelled (cylindrical tubes only)
  • coated with plastic, silicon, aluminium, foam plastic or paraffin