Hot melt drums

Hot melt drumsThese fibre drums were developed specifically for transporting, storing, and processing thermoplastic adhesives and sealants and feature a removable bottom for complete draining and therefore 100 % utilisation of the contents.

The crimped top and bottom steel chime band is stabilising the drum body. Pointing away from the lid, the crimps do not obstruct the heated plunger entering the drum.

The drum’s inner wall is smooth and also lined with kraft paper­ ­
coated with silicone. The pressure plate can therefore move down with the minimum of friction.

The metal bottom is secured with a tension ring and can be removed manually with ease. Solidified residue can be removed and reintroduced to the processing cycle.

Hot melt drums

1. The heated pressure plate is
inserted directly into the drum
where it liquefies the contents.
2. When the drum is empty, the
bottom support and protective
film are removed.
3. The residue remaining on the
bottom can be removed and
reintroduced to the processing