Tubes – Bottoms and lids

Spiral-wound square tubes

Spiralgewickelte quadratische Hülsen
Technical data:
diameter 30 mm x 30 mm to 210 x 210 mm
wall thickness 2 mm to 6 mm
length 300 mm to 6000 mm
For closing the tubes you can select from the following versions of bottoms and lids:

  • 01Huelse_Kunststoffeindr_boeden_StuelpdeckelPlastic push-in bottoms and lids or slip lids
  • 02Huelse_Blecheindrueck-schraubdeckelMetal push-in lids or screw lids
  • 03Huelse_KniffpackCrimped-end: Practical closure by means of pressed-in cut edges without additional aids.
  • 04Sperrholz_MDF-Boeden_DeckelPlywood or MDF bottoms and lids: Special design as required. Also available for tubes up to 1000 mm.
  • 05pappeindrueckboeden_DeckelCardboard push-in bottoms and lids: If required, reinforced with wooden crosspiece. diameter cylindrical: 50 mm to 660 mm

Fastening variants

To achieve a firm bond between tube and closure the following kinds of fastening are available:

  • Huelse_UmlegeklammernClips
  • Huelse_geheftetStapled
  • Huelse_geleimtGlued
  • Huelse_lose_eingedruecktLoosely pressed in