Wire and cable drums – Solid (reusable)

The outer cylinder and internal core of DKF Solid consist of multiple parallel or spiral wound plies of glued kraft paper. The standard version is fitted with galvanised steel band. This lends the drum greater mechanical and dimensional stability than the Eco variant without steel band, making it the ideal solution for repeated use.

Top and bottom band

The bottom band of galvanised steel provides a positive connection between the outer cylinder’s jacket and the bottom. The top band lends the body stability. What type of top metal band is used and how it is connected to the body of the drum depends on the drum’s contents and how it is handled. We distinguish between four variants.

  • 01DKF_Solid_Kopf-fussring_NormalfassStandard drum version NTR
  • 03DKF_Solid_Kopf-fussring_DrahtfassWire drum version DT
  • 05DKF_Solid_Kopf-fussring_Spezialfass1Special drum version STR type I
  • 07DKF_Solid_Kopf-fussring_Spezialfass2Special drum version STR type II


Every drum comes with a lid, no matter whether plastic, plywood, MDF, or metal.

  • DKF_Solid_MDF-DeckelMDF lid
  • DKF_Solid_PP-DeckelPP lid
  • DKF_Solid_SperrholzDeckelPlywood lid
  • DKF_Solid_Stahlblech-Deckel_verzinktSteel sheet lid, galvanised


The bottom structure depends on the application and the drum diameter.

  • DKF_Solid_Boden_Kompakt1Compact solid formed bottom
  • DKF_Solid_Boden_Kompakt2-ringSolid formed bottom ring
  • DKF_Solid_Holzboden-FuesseWooden bottom with feet
  • DKF_Solid_MDF_SperrholzbodenMDF or plywood bottom
  • DKF_Solid_Sperrholzboden-ZapfenPlywood bottom with spigot