Wire and cable drums – Eco (disposable)

Like the Solid variant, the outer cylinder and internal core of DKF Eco also consist of multiple parallel or spiral wound plies of glued kraft paper and/or tube board. Its particular feature is that its bottom and lid are joined to the rest of the body without steel band. These eco drums, therefore, not only weigh far less, but can also be separated easily into their constituent materials prior to disposal. Here too, we can offer various end to end solutions for every requirement.

Top options

  • DKF_eco_Kopf_EinfachSimple
  • DKF_eco_Kopf_EinfachsickeSimple with bead
  • DKF_eco_Kopf_Innen_gebordetCrimped to inside without bead
  • DKF_eco_Kopf_Innen_gebordetsickeCrimped to inside with bead
  • DKF_eco_Kopf_aussen_gebordetCrimped to outside


You can choose from a range of materials that are best suited to your needs.

  • DKF_Eco_MDF-DeckelMDF lid
  • DKF_Eco_MDF-DeckelHeberingHolzkreuzMDF lid
  • DKF_Eco_Papp-stuelpdeckelCardboard slip lid
  • DKF_Eco_PappeindrueckdeckelCardboard recessed lid
  • DKF_Eco_PappeindrueckdeckelHolzkreuzCardboard recessed lid with crossed wood reinforcement


These variants range from paraffined shaped bottoms to cardboard, plywood, and MDF bottoms, depending on the application.

  • DKF_Eco_FormbodenringFormed bottom ring
  • DKF_Eco_KompakterFormbodenSolid formed bottom
  • DKF_Eco_KompakterFormbodenZuggummiSolid formed bottom with rubber device and carrying straps
  • DKF_Eco_PMDF-BodenSpanrundlingMDF bottom with round plywood panel
  • DKF_Eco_PappbodenoeffnungCardboard bottom with opening
  • DKF_Eco_boden_PappringscheibeCardboard disk